Politics is unavoidable because it is a fact of life. In today’s world, politics shows itself in all aspects of our lives. It exists in our religious houses, ethnic groups, financial institutions, power companies, oil manufacturing industries, communication firms, Government Ministries and agencies, to mention but a few.
The e-book, Politics in Corporate Organizations touches everything pertaining to political practices that take place in the corporate world. It contains how to identify politics in your work place, the different reasons why people indulge in office politics, the negative effect on staff and the organization as a whole, the different factors affecting politics. Most importantly, it covers how you as a staff can survive in a highly political environment.
In this electronic book, you will also find life case scenarios of staff who are
victims of this evil office practices.

Do not allow your organization politics turn you into a robot…

The kind of leaders an organization has can directly influence how an organization is run…

Politics lowers the output of an individual and eventually affects the productivity of the company…


  • Preface
  • Definitions
  • How to identify Politics in your work place
  • Factors affecting politics in corporate organizations
  • Reasons for workplace politics
  • Effects of politics in the office
  • How to survive in a political office environment
  • Conclusion
  • About the author
  • Request for Testimonials 

About the author

Ify Onyeador is a customer service professional who has many years of experience in customer services. She worked in one of the Nigerian banking sectors for several years and she is currently in a customer focused organization. She holds an Executive Masters in Business Administration from Commonwealth of learning. Ify is a very passionate individual who has high drive for excellence in service delivery. She is the creator of articles like, The magical Phrase ‘Thank You’, First impression-Does it count, Tips on how to deal with irate customers, The ABCs of customer services, among many others. To learn more about what I do, please check out my website; www.feymilservices.com