The magical phrase “Thank You”

How often do you express gratitude for an assistance or favor you received from someone else? Do you find it difficult to utter that simple word “thank you” for a show of appreciation?

Does your pride or status makes you feel that saying thank you to another person is irrelevant, therefore not necessary?

For companies and individual business owners, do you say thank you to appreciate your customers for their patronage? Or do you have that perception that you are doing them a favour, hence no need to thank them? You are completely wrong because the reverse is the case.

Always look for every little opportunity to acknowledge those people who have been a contributory factor to the success and sustainability of your business and career.

Recognize and show appreciation to that customer who leaves your other competitors just to patronize you. Do not wait till he spends hundreds of thousands or visit your market place twenty times before you can appreciate him.

How about your employees? Are you aware that showing them appreciation will not only make them to be more hardworking, but also committed to the company. Once you recognize your staff good work and commend them for that, their productivity will definitely increase.

 “Thank you” costs nothing. It is just a simple courtesy, a sign of good manners and a show of gratitude. If you happen to be the type that appreciates people, you are doing the right thing. Those that find it irrelevant to show appreciation to people, it is never too late to start now.

I call it the magical phrase because, to the person that utters these two words, it gives him the feeling of fulfilment; while to the recipient, the feeling of excitement; a wonderful feeling that makes him feel valued and appreciated.

Make it a habit to say thank you and see how it will make all the difference in your everyday life.