Communicating effectively

Effective communication means being able to successfully relay your ideas and opinions in a clear and simple manner while equally having the ability to listen to others.

You need to communicate to customers in such a way that it would be clear and easy to understand and make sure that the message sent is the same message received.

Ensure you assess the effectiveness of all your communication methods, such as letters, e-mail, face-to-face talks and public materials. Select an appropriate medium according to the situation, keeping in mind to put the receiver’s point of view into consideration.

Effective communication goes beyond just exchanging information. It enables you build lasting relationship with your customers, while poor communication makes your customers feel ignored and disinterested to continue doing business with you.

Effective communication is about more than just talking, therefore know when to listen. Being able to listen and understand the message the other person conveys makes you a good customer service personnel. Because good communication involves verbal, writing and listening.

Always remember that communication is a two-way process. Just as you are sending out messages, an organization must establish mechanisms to receive same from others (staff, customers and the public).

Send out questionnaires to seek feedback. You can also put suggestion boxes in strategic positions of the office environment. Include an email reply device on your website. When you receive messages, show that you value dialogue by replying promptly to those who took the trouble to contact you. Make it easy for people to communicate with you by being available to them at all times.

To communicate well, be prompt, accurate and comprehensive.