The ABC’s of Customer Services (Ify Onyeador’s version)

A. Always be eager to help

B. Be the best you can be for your customers

C. Carry your customers along

D. Deliver excellent services

E. Effective communication works wonders

F. Feedback from customers is necessary

G. Go the extra mile

H. Handle issues with maturity

I. Integrity is key

J. Just be honest

K. Know your customers on individual basis

L. Listen attentively to every customer

M. Make that one customer happy

N. Never doubt the fact that customer is king

O. Observe every situation very well before reacting

P. Pay attention to every little detail

Q. Quick response to customers issues

R. Respect every customer no matter his status

S. Stop blaming others for your mistakes

T. Take responsibility for your actions

U. Understand what your customer needs

V. Value your customer

W. Wow your customers regularly

X. Xcel (Excel) in the act of customer services

Y. Yes, you can make a difference

Z. Have the Zeal to serve