Do you know why you lose your customers?

Have you ever wondered why your existing customers keep moving away and running to your competitors? Do you have an idea why all of a sudden your newly acquired customers lose interest in your business? Yes, it is a fact that at some point, business owners lose customers but when the rate at which it occurs is high, then something is definitely wrong somewhere. Do a thorough soul searching and find out what you are not getting right.

The following might be the reasons as to why your customers keep moving away from you to your competitors……..


  • Negative attitude: Your attitude towards a customer during your first encounter with him could be the reason why he decided against coming back to you.How do you treat your existing customers?Your existing customers are your best and most loyal customers; When you take them for granted and no longer care about satisfying them,they would  not want to continue doing business with you.


  • Policies and procedures: It is true that there are some policies and procedures guiding your organization/firm, but that does not mean that it cannot be bent a little where your customers’ satisfaction is concerned. When you tell your customers that you cannot attend to their issues, because of one policy do you think they would go on patronizing you?The answer is NO.


  • Delay in complaints resolution: How quickly do you proffer solution to your customers’ issues? Does it take you more than 48 hours to attend to your customers’ complaints? Then this might be one of the reasons they leave you for another person /organisation that is more efficient.Do not let an unhappy customer slip away without a fight or else you will be losing him forever.


  • Reliability: This is about your product doing what you say it will do. If you are not honest and your customers cannot trust you, it is quite obvious they will jump to the next reliable person that offers the same product and services as you do. If you want to retain your customers, be trustworthy and transparent.If there is some shortcomings on your product or service, be honest and let your customers know early enough instead of keeping it away from them and pretending that everything is in order.


  • Product knowledge: You build your customers confidence by increasing your knowledge of your products and services. Knowledge of your products empowers you and makes you an excellent sales person. You cannot offer what you do not know about. Your customers will find it difficult to do business with you if you lack a good knowledge of your products.