Tips on how to deal with irate customers

How to deal with irate customers: As long as you are in a service organization or you are an individual that interfaces with customers, at one point or the other, you will always encounter angry persons. Being able to practice the virtue of patience is the best remedy for angry and difficult customers. A highly […]

The magical phrase “Thank You”

How often do you express gratitude for an assistance or favor you received from someone else? Do you find it difficult to utter that simple word “thank you” for a show of appreciation? Does your pride or status makes you feel that saying thank you to another person is irrelevant, therefore not necessary? For companies […]

Customer is King

Do you agree with this statement ‘customer is king’? If you do then we are on the same page. Any organization without customers is like a tree without a fruit and definitely will not be in existence. Without customers, we do not have a business. Customers are king because they hold the key to the […]

Growing Your Customers Base

The relevance of customers to an organization and individual businesses cannot be over- emphasized. Customers are the reason as to why business firms are in existence. In order to remain in business, it is of utmost importance that you try as much as possible to retain your existing customers and also find a way of […]

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