Communicating effectively

Effective communication means being able to successfully relay your ideas and opinions in a clear and simple manner while equally having the ability to listen to others. You need to communicate to customers in such a way that it would be clear and easy to understand and make sure that the message sent is the […]


Make use of internet technology to give your customers the most efficient ,convenient and cost-effective service possible. Ensure that your site is fast-loading and user-friendly to avoid frustrating people. Also check that customers find it easy to place order online. Then,make sure that they are able to track progress towards delivery. *Exercise 101; Test your […]


Do you know why you lose your customers? Have you ever wondered why your existing customers keep moving away and running to your competitors? Do you have an idea why all of a sudden your newly acquired customers lose interest in your business? Yes, it is a fact that at some point, business owners lose […]

The ABC’s of Customer Services (Ify Onyeador’s version)

A. Always be eager to help B. Be the best you can be for your customers C. Carry your customers along D. Deliver excellent services E. Effective communication works wonders F. Feedback from customers is necessary G. Go the extra mile H. Handle issues with maturity I. Integrity is key J. Just be honest K. Know […]

Ways to win your Customers loyalty

Customers as we all know are the heartbeat of any successful organization. For you to build a good sustainable relationship with your customers, you have much work to do in order to win their loyalty and make them trust you. Customer loyalty is not just a one-off project, but a continual process that must be […]

First Impression – Does it count?

Yes, it definitely does. The very few seconds of your first encounter with another person(s) is all you need to make a positive impact. People are judged on the first meeting and it is hard to change any perception formed at that second. It is always not possible to get a second opportunity to create […]

Quotes of the Day

“Customers may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel”. ——–Unknown   “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”. ———Don Alden Adams.

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